How long can a relapse last?

Hi all,

My hubby had 3 consecutive UTIs at the end if Sept, the last one we believed triggered a relapse as his symptoms really flared up and he has barely recovered from them. He’s now in 2 sticks and recently had to get a wheelchair if he goes any distance (although refusing to use it, as he is scared that he won’t get out of it again, which I completely understand although trying to convince him otherwise!).

He just got an MRI but wanting steroids to see if this speeds things up any but neuro I worried it might trigger more infections.

We are due to get married in May and last thing I want it more stress on him, so thinking of postponing.

i know everyone is different but as this is his first bad relapse just wondered how long it could take to start getting some mobility back? We both know that he my be left with some damage but hoping he will get better.

thank you

Really hard to say with MS. The relapse could last days or it could last weeks :confused: Steroids can help to shorten the time but they can come with some bad side effects.

5 months is a long time away, you can’t really predict what will happen with his MS in that time unfortunately. :frowning: And nothing wrong with having to be in a wheelchair at your wedding, needs must if that happens. Hoping for the best for you both tho :slight_smile:

And the fear of never getting out of the chair is completely understandable, but he needs to see it as a helping tool for getting around and that can take time to do.

As Faula says recovery/remittance times from a relapse can vary and I was told that it could be up to 3 months. I would have thought that a course of steroids would have been appropriate in speeding up the recovery but the Neurologist must feel that the risks outweigh the potential rewards. It sounds like a case of sticking it out re recovery. I can fully empathise with for partners reluctance to use the wheelchair, I have to use a crutcgh but try not to use it and try to maintain as " normal" a life as possible probably more for my family as for me. I suppose it is a blokey approach to MS?

As the others have said, there’s no rule with relapses, they can be over quickly or take a long time. I can never define when the end of a relapse is because some symptoms carry on however slightly, and may be better one day than the next so I can never say that’s it, it’s over. I always use steroids because I am impatient to get better and have never had any infections because of them.

However, I would say don’t postpone the wedding because of his MS. You’ll never do it because he will always have the risk of another infection, or another relapse, or anything medical. Five months is far enough away. But there are things he can be doing to help such as lots of rest, eat healthily, moderate exercise, more rest, get the GP to give him a prescription for antibiotics in case of another UTI so he can start using them the same day as he knows the symptoms now and it will get rid of it before it does any damage (I do this - my GP is fine with it and I also have a scrip for steroids for the same reason).

I hope he’s on the mend soon - this cold weather doesn’t help!


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Thanks everyone for your replies. Going to see the GP this week and we will see what he says re the steroids.

We are actually thinking of hiring segways for both of us on our big day! It’s more than likely I’ll be the one who falls!!

thanks again!

segways are a good idea, if he can lean to turn the thing. they are self balancing (or supposed to be :p), so you shouldn’t fall off :slight_smile:

I have been struggling since early October as I went down with a chest infection which then caused a relapse.

Middle of December my neurologist put me on a course of steroids to try and speed up my recovery.

I was a bit concerned about the side effects but I never really noticed or felt any difference while I was on the steroids.

The day after I finished them I started with a bacterial infection so I am on penicillin. I have struggled for the last week.

My ms symptoms have been a lot worse too.

My GP says the steriods reduced my imune system. And I am fold just plenty of rest.

So I wouldn’t worry about the side effects of taking steroids as your husband might be lucky and they speed his recovery.