How frustrating!

I have my Neuro appointment tomorrow, this appointment was triggered from weakness in my left arm that I started to experience two months ago…

Weakness in arm, left hand cramps, leg muscle cramps and mild paresthesias had been getting better for the past month or so …

day before appointment, arm and everything is feeling great… now I’m going to appear like a fool tomorrow… "I’m feeling great … but … " - I doubt any investigative work will happen now.

I really should just always have appointment in a few months time, its the cure!

Hi Yesterday I had my first neuro appt and felt fairly well and when I got home I was in agony so had the same thoughts as you. I went to my GP today to discuss the appt I had and tell him how poorly I was in the evening long story short whilst we were talking about the appt my GP said that they don’t expect people to always be ill during the appt and that they have a good idea of their next course of action based on the original referral reasons from the GP then the symptoms and history that you explain so don’t fret I am sure that it will still be thorough and not based just on how you appear on the day. GOOD LUCK and take care x