Frustrated ....update

Hi everyone, having been given the appointment for Oct 2012, following a visit to my gp and telling him about the burning sensation in my arm and leg, I now have an app for 25th Nov, less than 2 weeks away!

Karen, as I read all of your posts, do you think this is too soon, as I was not due my next mri until Jan ,and I can live with the burning its just really annoying. I don’t want to be told off for time wasting and was really surprised the gp thought I needed to be seen again so soon after my last app which was mid Oct.



I’m really sorry Chis, but I can’t remember all the details and can’t find the old posts :frowning:

I’m guessing that the burning is new? If it is, then all you have to tell the neuro is that your GP thought you should see him/her because you’d developed new symptoms, but if you are worried, you could always call the neuro’s secretary and explain things to him/her and ask to check with the neuro if it’s too soon, despite the new symptoms. I think you’ll probably find that the secretary just says to come on the 25th and let the neuro decide what’s important when he/she sees you, but you never know.

(Along the way, either with the secretary or with the neuro at the appointment, you’ll get the opportunity to tell them that, despite what the neuro said, you haven’t had an appointment through for soon after the MRI scan.)

Karen x

Thanks Karen!

Chis x

Hi Chris,

I’m glad the visit to see your GP has paid off and that your appt has been brought forward. I don’t think it’s too soon - your GP has done what he thinks best based on what you’ve told him.

Jot down the things you want to tell & discuss with the neuro (not forgetting to add that you’re still waiting for a date for the scan!) and also ask him for some meds for the burning/sensory pain & other symptoms if they’re causing you discomfort and disruption to your life.

Good luck - will you let us know how you get on?

Debbie xx