How does a relapse hit you?

Recently I have been feeling much better but this morning I felt like someone had built a brick wall by me bed and I hit it as I got out of bed. Do relapses tend to hit like that or just creep up on you. I’m not diagnosed so maybe it’s nothing. Xxx

Hi Nik

I’ve had many relapses over the years, some mild, some hit me like a sledgehammer and take me off my feet. They don’t always affect the same bits or to the same degree so I can’t really answer your question as they vary so much, but both ways really. If you think through what is actually happening to your body when a relapse happens, it makes it easier to understand.

They end when I go back to work! Seriously though, I don’t have a distinct end date when I can say that relapse symptoms stop. There’s always background symptoms that come and go to some degree and that’s all a part of it. For example, I am in one now and it’s mainly affected my left leg but as that’s getting better daily, my hands and arms are feeble today. Very strange but it is really humid here and that’s always bad for me.

Sounds as if you’ve been hit by fatigue this morning which might not be a relapse as such, just the unpleasant symptom it is.

Hope you feel better.

Hi Nikki

You know I’m undiagnosed but decsribing whats happened to me:

my major one in oct last year was like wham all of a sudden. I pretty much almost fully recovered apart from pain then had wham and hug then almost back to normal and ?TN all of a sudden. The last episode happened as I was ill with whoopng cough and caused old symptoms to reflare but new ones too. This was more gradual. I felt really tired the week before then had concrete legs and then various other things going wrong. My body was all over the place but happened more gradually.

So I guess either sudden or gradual onset can happen perhaps?