How do you create a photo avatar please ?

Hi I can’t do it…it doesn’t matter what picture I try to use, it says the image is too big…or something !! I’m a bit of a ditz when it comes to I.T though. Please help !! Xx

Sorted…thanks !!

Loving your new pic MrsH, made me smile sympathetically

Love the piccie Mrs H Lx

Hi, that`s a great avatar.

I couldnt do mine at all. No matter who explained, I was too dense!

One of the mods kindly did mine for me.

I recall when I first had walking problems. hubby would put paper down at night for Lucy to wee on (our doggy, toy poodle) and I ruffled it all up. he said in a very annoyed way, Why cant you walk on newspaper?I snapped back,Ask the MS Society!`

luv Pollx

Haha…how prophetic…my lovely gardener just arrived and hubby had forgotten to unlock the back gate …luckily he’s so nice that he took his wellies off, hunted the keys out if the pantry and sorted everything out. However, I thought I’d return the kindness and make him a cuppa. All going well until I attempted to turn to the fridge…on a flat wooden floor…well it moved or something…straight down on my knee as leg buckled…ouch…knee whacked off hard wood floor, leg twisted under me and now my foot is twisted at a right funny angle…and hurts…a lot. Love the picture too…and it proved my point…or tempted fate !! Gotta laugh !! Xx

Ooooh, that brings more painful memories too!

Hope the leg has twisted back the right way round now.

luv Pollx

Cool Aviator H.That used to be applicable on Friday neet well before for this s[filtered letters]e. I did think the ON was back,but the letters are very slightly fuzzy.Are they?

S x

Yep, they are a bit. I don’t think the yellow outline helps. I’ve now got visions of you squinting away at it going, are they / are they not !! Xx

There’s nothing wrong with your visions

S xx

Mrs. H,

I think any fuzziness of the letters will be caused by re-sizing of the image file used for your avatar!!

Great piccie, though!!

Love the avatar Catherine. Hope the knee is OK and that you’re feeling better? Teresa xx