How do People Manage Muscle Pain

Hi hope your all well, I’m after some advice on pain management this last week I’ve been having muscle pain in my legs mainly at the top I’m on LDN so can’t take co-codamal what do people take to help cope any advise would be most welcome.

Thanks Sue xxx

Hello Beaner,

Try gabapentin and/or baclofen - go to GP or neurologist and ask for it or something similar.

I take both and if I stand for too long my leg muscles really hurt + the joints hurt. Sort of restless leg… Also first thing in the morning when I get up have to stretch the muscles cos leg muscles are totally knotted.

An occasional sports massage helps as well.

Take a look at my website There might be something there that helps.

Good luck,


Hi Patrick

Thanks for your advise had a look at the website some very useful information.

Thanks again. Sue x

l tried Baclofen and Tizanidine - but did not like the side effects - they both made me feel so weak and feeble that l thought l would never be able to stand-up on my own again. Stretching exercises are ideal - especially the Yoga/Pilates type - and Tai Chi is another one to help with balance. l find it best not to sit down for long - l keep moving - even eat breakfast and use the lap-top standing up. My GP did prescribe Sativex for me - this worked well - l mainly only used it before going to bed - as it is when l am in bed that my spasticity is at its worse and prevents me from getting a good nights sleep. Now the senior partner in the GP practise as stopped my doctor from prescribing it. My neurologist is all for Sativex and wants me to have it. Now l am waiting as this neuro is leaving and a new one is taking his place - and apparently he is wanting to see me when he starts in October. He will have to get funding for the Sativex. This neuro does specialise in MS - which will be the first time in 30yrs l will have the chance to meet someone who knows his stuff. The neurologist’s secretary said that there are a few of us who were on Sativex. So its fingers crossed.

Do you take vitd3 and also magnesium - as both these supplements help with pain - just google them. l take 10.000ius of Vitd3 and 750mg of magnesium daily. lt certainly helps with restless legs.

Patricks website is worth looking at - and Patrick - l did buy the Topro Olympus rollator - and every day l find a new use for it.

Being so well balanced - l can carry the washing basket on it out to the line. AND - l can put a full watering can in the basket to water the tubs - and go down the garden to my chickens with water and feed. l am very impressed.


Sue - l also take LDN - it only stays in the system for about 3hrs - so you can ‘juggle’ your dose to fit in with taking co-codamal.

lf you took your ldn - say at 7pm - you could take you co-codamol at bedtime - and again in the morning. Just a thought.

Hello Campion,

The Topro rollator is fantastic, I agree with you. Think about a mobility scooter, it has changed my life, I use a Travelscoot

You talk about drugs not agreeing with you. I have tried all sorts or sleeping pills and ended up with Amytriptaline and Clamazepam. Recently I had to start taking Tizanadine because I ws getting spasms in the middle of the night. This was after the dose of Baclofen had stopped (half life of 4 hours). So what agrees with me is no help to you - it is all a personal thing and you only find out by trial and error For example Sativex was no use.

Anyway good luck,


I’m not diagnosed but take tramadol, ibuprofen and amitriptyline for some of my symptoms which does help with muscles pain. pilates helps a little too.

I really feel that I need something to prevent the muscle stiffness which is what causes much of my pain but the GP is unwilling to perscribe anything to deals with the cause of the pain.

In theory their are a whole host of meds that you could try until you find something that releaves or lessens your muscle pain.

The best remedy for muscle pain is to pat it with a hot water bottle and relax for a while. You can even use ointments that are especially made for muscle pains and aches and are easily available in the markets. It is best to avoid popping pills and painkillers as they may lead to allergic reactions and inflamation. Also, muscles spasms and pain takes its own time to get relieved and pills only provide temporary relief.