How do I keep supporting?

My partner has MS. We have known each other for a long time, but although we have ‘history’ we only got together recently. He was diagnosed with MS a few years before that, and so I am still to learn a lot about it all.

Things like…

(1) Don’t nag him about going for treatment, because although it might worry me that he isn’t getting it, all I am ultimately doing is reminding him that he has it!

(2) Don’t second guess every burst of pins and needles - they’re not all relapses waiting to happen and they stress me out a lot more than they do him! (Note to self, refer to (1)! )

… The list goes on, and I am continuously adding to it, and as said, always learning… But the thing is, I am going through a really tough time in myself; I have just been made redundant, and I think that I could be pregnant; so the thought of a relapse being even the remotest possibility scares the living daylights out of me - Get a part time job, or any job at least until too pregnant to work, take 2 days off to give birth, return tp work and keep our house - irrational yes, but frightening to me being new to all of this!

With the redundancy came a bit of a bout of depression for me too I’m afraid. Which brings me to the main reason for joining this forum - how do I keep supporting him, and more importantly cope with his mood swings without reacting badly, when I am exhausted, worried, and whatever it is I’ve been feeling lately…?!

Advice and thoughts welcome from anyone! Thanks


Having read your post (welcome to the forum bye the way) I cannot help but think what about his support for you?
A relationship is supposed to be a 2 way street!
It should not be all about your partners needs, you have needs as well!

I have MS myself and try to support my partner in what ever way I can.
i.e. we support each other!

Maybe you need to have a “talk” with your partner and point out the troubles you are having and suggest ways
he could help.
Make sure he is not so wrapped up with his own problems that he cannot see yours!

Take Great Care!