Advice to help support partner with new diagnosis

Hello, I wanted to reach out and ask for some advice about how to support my partner with his recent MS diagnosis. He’s in his early 30’s and it’s come as quite a shock. We’re still in the early days of getting treatment. I would like to be able to support him as much as I can and I’ve been doing lots of reading to try and understand as much as possible about MS and I’ve been doing my best to support and give him reassurance that we will get through this together. Any advice would be very appreciated. Many thanks! X

Hi, reading up is a great idea. Did you get the info from the MS Society? They do really good leaflets on a wide variety of topics.

Try not to get upset if your chap snaps at you, but remember look after yourself too.

MS isnt great, but a decent life can still be had with it. Have good rest days in amongst activities.

Check that your man’s workplace is supportive, as they have a legal
duty to do so.