How do i get a Royal London Hospital refferal and nutrient blood tests?

Hi all,

I was diagnosed with RRMS 10 years ago aged 17, but only ever had 1 relapse which led to diagnosis, since then i just gradually et worse - legs/mobility/bladder), so guess its classed as secondar progressive MS now

i had an MRI scan (lesions in brain and lower spine), blood tests and a lumber puncture, then several weeks later, after i hassled the neurologist for answers, he then said i had MS, i akways queried why it took so long to diagnose me,

well since then i have tried many MS treatments, and they all seem just to make me feel worse! the opposite of what they meant to do

i have tried lyme disease treatments (after a false positive test), hyperbaric oxygen therapy, upper cervical chriopractic treatment, the Wahls diet (gluten, dairy, soy, legume , grain free diet, i just eat organic meat and veg/fruit)

Only one treatment has worked = LDN Low dose naltrexone, whoch ive used for the past 4 years paying for it on a private prescription, but since starting the diet this has failed me too

So as treatments seem to make me worse, i cant help but think i have other underlying conditions, so want to see a a recommended neurologist at the Royal London Hospital

i have read about Transverse Myelitis which seem to fit my symptoms closer - lower body weakness, bladder/bowel incontinence, weight loss, upper body is fine and healhy.

I am due t see my GP tomorrow (Thurday), but i dont know what to say to make sure he reffers me to Royal London Hospital neurologist?

I wouldnt mind another MRI scan and diagnostics as its been 10 years since ive had any, but i mainly want a second opinion on my MS/health

any tips on my reasons for a second opinion/analysis, which will get me the appointment/referral at London royal hospital?

Also, as i am following the Wahls diet which doesnt seem to be helping, i want to get tested for food sensitivities/allergies, as this could be why im worse,

same goes for why i want my Calcium/Magnesium/Zinc/Copper levels tested …

is there anything i can say extra to get the food sensitivity and nutrient level tests authorised?

thank you

Hi Is there any reason why you want the royal London hospital as opposed to the national neurological hospital in Queens sqr, London Lesley


No, i was just told my a nurse they have a good neurologist there,

does queens have superiour testing, facilities, neuoroligists?

Queens sqr is the bigger unit and receive referrals from all over the place. I was referred to them and generally I think it’s a better place but that is only my opinion Lesley

The National Hospital For Neurology and Neurosurgery in Queen Square is a specialist neurological hospital, and has neurologists, physiotherapists, nurses and dieticians who have specific and specialist experience in MS, which is often not available elsewhere.

Before seeing your GP, I would go back to the nurse and ask why he/she recommends that neurologist. Does he or she have the specialist experience that you need?

Then you can make an informed choice and decide where you want to be referred to.

It is not a irrevocable decision though. If you decide to go to the Royal London Hospital, it may be that the consultant will refer you on to Queen Square if that is more appropriate, or ask the doctors there for a second opinion on your symptoms.