How brief can symptoms be?

Hello all.
I was just wondering how quick symptoms can pass when you have MS? I’ve been referred to a neurologist because I went to my GP for numbness, and it wasn’t a B12 deficiency like we both had suspected.

The thing is I only went because I had a particularly bad day of it, the numbness was all over my body and returned 3-4 times, for longer than usual. In the past I’ve brushed it off because it would happen rarely and for a short time. Can they be that rare/quick to come and leave? I’ve never had it last more than an hour.

With MS literally everyone’s experience is different!
My last relapse was in May, lasted a month and was actually milder than my first official attack. If it was my first then I probably wouldn’t have even gone to the doctor for it but sure enough I did have new lesions on the MRI scan despite most symptoms dissipating by the time I had my mri appointment.
I do get flare ups when stressed or tired though which can last a day or two or even a few hours.
My first attack lasted about 3 months.

I’ve had specific symptoms that only lasted a few minutes or even seconds. Then there are the ones that last for weeks or months. It’s not unusual for me to have pain or numbness that bounces from one body part to another every couple minutes. MS likes to surprise us!