Are these initial symptoms of MS?

Hi All,

From two years I am suffering by strange symptoms. None of the doctors I visited could understand my problems. Can you please check this page and tell me if it could be MS?



Impossible to say for sure, but my gut feeling is no, this doesn’t sound like MS. Not because the symptoms aren’t similar, but it would be unusual for them to last as little as 1 or 2 hours with often several months in between. I believe if it was MS, you would be experiencing symptoms more often, or for longer, or both.

Clinically speaking, an MS relapse has to last at least 24 hours - not one or two. When you think about what is actually going on in MS, it is clear why attacks don’t last an hour only. They are caused by damage to the myelin insulating coating of the nerves in the brain and spinal cord. Although this damage can be repaired, to some extent, it certainly doesn’t happen instantly, and that is why it is rather unlikely you would have symptoms for just an hour or two, but then nothing else for perhaps three or four months.

Some MS symptoms do fluctuate, getting worse with physical activity, or an increase in body temperature. But as you appear to be an extremely active and sporty person, I would expect this to happen more frequently than you have reported, IF MS were the cause.

You would probably have phases where intense physical activity often or always causes a problem. Not just one incident, then next day or next week, physical activity has absolutely no effect.

I also note you have had a clear MRI. Whilst no single test or investigation can categorically rule out MS, a clear MRI scan does make it considerably less likely.

I notice you seem to lead quite a hectic lifestyle, and to be quite preoccupied with physical activity… Please don’t think I’m being rude (I myself am almost 48), but do you think there’s any possibility you are simply placing demands on yourself that are unrealistic for your age group? 42 is not old, but it’s not 22 either. Most people do slow down a bit, in their 40s.


Hi Tina,

Thanks so much for your answer. I makes me a bit less worried. No, I don’t think youre rude, I agree with you about the intensity of my lifestyle but I can hardly belive that stress can manifest itself this way. With exactly the same neurological simptoms and 6 times on 7 under exercise.

I am not a doctor and I read somewhere that MS is very hard to spot in the early stages and my symptoms make more than one doctor to think about MS.

How often should somebody have clean MRI scan to be sure to rule our MS? Is clean MRI scan the only test that can identify it?

Thanks again for your help. It makes me feel warmer.

Hi fellow runner! Sorry to read that you’re having a troublesome time.

I agree with Anitra. Multiple Sclerosis does not initially jump out at me as the cause of your symptoms.

As an endurance athlete myself and being 45 yrs old, I do not see you undergoing an enormous amount of physical exertion and, in fact, there is no clear correlation with your symptoms developing.

Personally, I will not be hanging up my training gear any time soon (God willing)!

From your recorded data, you do not mention, whether you have already undergone a Full Blood Count (FBC). This is a fairly rudimentary procedure which is normally carried out right at the start of investigations and, from which, your doctor can learn much about your overall state of health.

What is your blood glucose level? Is it within normal range? 3.5- 5.5 nmol/l before meals/ less than 8 nmol/l after meals.

Clearly, you need to have a further discussion with your Health Care Professional/ Doctor, but I wouldn’t be placing any bets that it is MS.

Good luck. Hope you obtain a definitive diagnosis soon.

Tracyann xx

Hi Tracy,

As you can see on that page I did a lot of test and for sure I did also FBC. The problem is that each doctor, after seeing negative results in their specific specialization, greets me saying: “there is nothin else I can do for you, sorry”.

You don’t know how I am afraid to run (the physical activity I love most) after each episode. I need to check every time that somebody can possibly pick me up when diplopia and loss of balance start.

I will update my page with blood tests and want to know your opinion.

Thanks you so much!

Hi Timoria!

Firstly, I’m guessing that you’re not based in the UK. But, that said, your command of the English language is very good. (Apologies if I have completely misread this!).

As you can appreciate, it is a very difficult situation, when you are merely a virtual person to me. But, I do understand and empathise with you. At the end of the day, you know your own body!

Unfortunately, your desperation is palpable, but you need to seek help from a specialist who can assess you properly. I am not a Doctor of Medicine.

If I were you, I would be approaching a major University Hospital etc. Surely you can access Consultants etc?

I wish you the best of luck.


Hi Timoria!

This afternoon, I was perusing the posts that had been previously posted in New Diagnosis/ Awaiting Diagnosis and happened upon an individual who was presenting with a number of troubling symptoms that seemed to suggest Multiple Sclerosis.

This individual also already suffers from a condition called Chiari Malformation. Until today, I had never heard of this condition and just out of my overactive curiousity, I decided to do some further reading.

As soon as I read the contents on the NHS website, I thought of you and for a brief moment, I shivered because many of your symptoms were detailed within its contents.

Firstly, here is the link:-

As I indicated earlier, I’m not sure that you are actually located within the UK, so I do hope you will not have too much trouble reading the information yourself. The National Health Service (NHS) is the UK’s publicly funded healthcare system and the website provided by it provides a wealth of very useful and bona fide information.

I am hoping that it will help you to finally identify the true cause of your problem.

Good luck

Tracyann x

Hi Tracy,

Thanks for your post. After a number of TC and MRI to my head and encephalic trunck I believe that this malformation should be excluded.

I will soon add my blood tests to my page. Many of you are interested in them.

Thank so much for your help.


Blood tests were added to my symtoms page.