How are we doing?

Hi, I’m late, been too busy!

I did have a trial run for a Capsule Endoscopy the other week and I’m having the actual procedure next week. That will hopefully decide if I have Crohns but I can’t help but be a bit sceptical… it’s gone on for so long now that I think they just don’t know.

It’s actually been a bit bizarre, we finish our contract next week and had to book a day holiday on our last day to do the hospital appointment, the day they first appointed was this week, so too soon…then the hospital called to say they were having an equipment problem so could I do it next Friday? Said yes as didn’t want it to get cancelled for months… then rang MS centre and asked if FES trial was still possible as I’d be belted up for the camera. By some small miracle,they had a cancellation for tomorrow and we’re off work as he’s got flu sigh

So, things are a tad stressful at the moment. Relieved we’re leaving the contract as that has been stressful but now we need to get something else ASAP!

Trying to stay positive but a bit knackered with it all at the mo, hope everyone else is OK

Sonia x

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