Hotting up!

Legs feeling hot - spreading up from the feet - arms likewise. They’re no weaker than usual but one minute sensations are normal then everything heats up.

Anyone experienced this and how long did it last?

oh yes…

i had been getting the ‘hot sock’ sensation for a loooong time, even before eventual diagnosis.

not painful, not even really uncomfortable, but certainly noticeable and occasionally when strong enough, bloody annoying.

it usually follows on from a dose of vigorous exercise and can last hours at a time, if not days on end.

sadly my only solution, is to try my best to ignore it. to this end, it might be that it has never completely gone away.

it is one of those things i think is categorised as ‘peripheral neuropathy’. needless to say the affected areas do not have a change in skin colour nor temperature. it is thus entirely a neurological issue of ‘perception’. thank you water matter lesions; what a joy you are to have!