hot patch!!!

Hi, hope you are all having a chilled out evening this windy saturday night!!

I just wanted to know if anyone gets hot patches? i just started getting this weird hot patches on my right thigh and my right lower back, just comes on very quickly and dissappears again after a few mins, can happen a number of times a day??? weird


Yep I get that…feels like you’ve been burnt? Mine hangs around more than a few minutes though :frowning:

Oh…and mine is worst in my right foot for some reason! X

Burning’s quite a common neuropathic symptom. My left leg & foot are my main culprits, but the right ones join in too from time to time.

Ice packs can help if yours start to stay around longer.

Karen x

Thanks everyone x

Hi there, I have one burning patch on the top of my left foot,at first I just thought it was just getting heated up a bit,it can do it every day for a few weeks only to disappear and a week ago it came back after a couple of month absence,after a while I decided to add to symptoms,which are mostly right sided so I suppose makes a change it’s on my good leg not my bad one lol. Good to hear I’m not the only one who feel they are going mad and I noticed someone has put it feels like they have put deep heat or something on,that’s how I just described it to my mam the other day. Take care Chris xxxx