Hot patches on skin?

Hi all I have been getting a hot patch on my shoulder as if I have applied Deep Heat or similar. Also in the last few days I have the same feeling on the front of my foot. The feeling does go off after a while until the next time. Just wondered if anyone else gets this Jaycie x

Hi Yes I do get this , hot patches in random places . Annoying but not terrible , did mention to Dr once but he never took any notice so I have put it down to Ms . Will be interested in replies. Take Care Claire

Hi, Yes I get this and sometimes it is cold patches, both really annoying. I am sure it must be to do with MS Pam

Hey there, Yes I’ve had this … on my upper leg and on my upper back. When it first happened they were a part of relapses, but now I feel it whenever I’m tired. Hope that helps. KK

I dont have a dx but i get hot patches quite a lot and in some funny places. They seem to come and go at will and would not be able to pin them down to any specific time or symptom.?? wierd. xx

Hi yes it is well documented my shins burnt for a while each day at 6 oclock ??!! & I often feel like I’ve got a small pebble behind my toes ! Sometimes all you can do is laugh at this crazy condition. Good Health to you