Hotrod wheels ... What's yours like?


I got my first NHS wheels last week after an assessment. It’s an Invacare Action 3 NG.

It’s not bad apart from my feet flying off the foot plates every time my wife pushes me over something that rattles the chair. Oh and it has no handle brakes for her. A bit tricky going down hills with no brakes, you know.

Anyone got these wheels? How do you rate yours?


(part- time and upaid wheelie user)

Hi Marty

I never did get my NHS one but have my own courtesy of late father in law, it came from ebay and was pretty good value for money. I also have a large electric buggy and now a small portable one for outings and car rides. Must say I like to be in charge of where I’m going, my husbands pushing is a lot like his driving too fast for me LOL. I am becoming more like my elderly aunts and my mum every day.

Wendy x

Hi, my current wheels are courtesy of the dear old NHS…they are good at some stuff!

It`s a leccy Invacare Harrier Plus. But I wont be doing anything like as fast as a jet!

BUT it does have a kerb climber, which we call a kerb crawler and Kathy Kirby. That name has stuck. When we go out we say, is Kathry Kirby with us? Some folk have asked who on earth KK is! For those of you too young to know, KK was a singer in the 50s/60s.

Anyway back to the function of KK. She enables me to get into shops where i wouldnt otherwise be able to.

Depending how high the step is, I have to take a run at it and bounce myself into places. The look of the faces of the folk in the shop, is brill. i tell them to do what I do and shut their eyes! Havent done enough damage to get barred…yet!

I love my wheels and I try to tell those of us who are at a crossroads in their illness, when they are thinking/dreading getting wheels.

Dont be scared of em, enjoy em…I and many others do.

Thanks for posting this positive thread.

Mind how you go now.

luv Pollx

Mine is the same as yours,but due to my long thighs(which until they measured me I had no idea I had) it really is a bit of a beast.

She is called Gertie,but following a trip round Westonbirt Arboretum she is definately a dirty Gertie.

Life with her is easier now I wear fingerless weight training gloves when pushing myself,and mine has a non slip coating on the rim,so with that and gloves I can control the speed downhill myself.

I like the fact she is blue and the well padded backrest is a bonus. What I dont like is the bum flap—for want of a better expression! Hubby is forever having to go on his hands and knees to put it right as I feel my bum is hanging over the back of the seat,it never is according to him and it might well be dodgy messages,but I would of liked the cushion to of been velcrod to the chair or some sort of fixed fabric between the backrest and the seat.

All in all though she was free,well made and gives me freedom to Christmas shop rather than Amazon here I come.