Hot Chocolate therapy


I have just read the research article about how drinking a cup of hot chocolate may help alleviate fatigue. Does anyone know which type/brand of drink is high in the required flavonoids? I really want to try this.

Thanks Sue

Hello Sue,

This ‘treatment’ is especially popular with forum members and has been discussed several times now. It certainly does seem to help alleviate fatigue, and the darker the chocolate the better. I can’t say which brand is best, but why not try a few? An enjoyable bit of research, surely.


My kinda reseach.


It’s generally supposed to be the darker / highest cocoa content the better. So whatever you get, make sure it’s a high cocoa content, eg Green & Blacks.



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Thanks all for ideas - definitely will give this a go.

Thanks all for the ideas - will definitely give this a go.

Pardon my ignorance, but I always thought that “hot chocolate” was just lazy cocoa which was a drink to make you sleepy!

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Yes hot chocolate can help with bedtime sleep. However it needs to have a good dose of brandy in it. Mmmmmm just try it.

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I can see why you are a domestic goddess.

Hello good people, from the Netherlands i would like to know if anyone is still kn the ‘chocolate therapy’ and how it has affected you? Thanks for your response.