Hospital transport...

Hi all

I have to arrange hospital transport for my wife next week. Any advice,tips etc ?

I have never done it before.

My wife cannot weight bear and is either chair or bed bound and under the current restrictions i am not allowed to go with her to the appointment

Thank you in advance


Hi Tom,

My husband used to be an ambulance driver and used to take patients to hospital all the time. Just be aware she will be on the ambulance a long time, as there are other people they have to pick up and drop off. Why don’t you ask if you could go in the ambulance with her, as she needs assistance all the time, don’t go into he appointment with her. Just sit outside in the waiting room, as they will allow that I’m sure. Make sure she goes to the toilet before she goes as well, she does not want an accident either with her bladder or bowels. Hope this info helps you, anything else just ask, and I will ask my husband.

It`s usually the GP who arranges hospital transport originally. Give them a ring and ask. It could be the hospital if Tina is already in the hospital system.

Cats has given some good advice.


Hi Tom,

Forgot to tell you, just phone up the hospital and explain that you wife needs transport to the hospital for an appointment, as she is disabled, they will arrange it for you, and remember for her to be ready at least an hour before they are due to arrive, as they will not wait. Hope that helps as well.

I called this morning and no visitors are allowed in the hospital due to Covid.

I explained i am a carer and it has to be discussed by hospital management now. So next weeks appointment has been cancelled and another one to be arranged.

The GP didnt know what the procedure was so that was of no help from her.

The appointment is regarding a bladder scan so my wife needs to drink 1 litre of water before hand and due to incontinence i just dont see how it will work ? Accidents will be inevitable im sure…

Oh well, back to the drawing board…

Hi Tom,

Oh dear, so you are not allowed in with her, that’s a shame. She will no doubt have an accident going on the ambulance, if she has to drink all that water before a scan, make sure she wears a pad to catch some of the urine. I knew the GP would be no help, well done for phoning the hospital and finding this all out. So now you will have to wait for another appointment, if her appointment has been cancelled for next week, that will be weeks now no doubt. Good luck with it all. Take care.

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Talk to the community health nurse and explain. Your wife might be given the packs of pull ups. Basically a pull up adult incontinence pants. I use them when traveling or going out somewhere I’m not familiar with the accessibility of the toilets.

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It seems you have to find all the info yourself Cats… its all lip service as regards getting help or assistance in our experience.

The District nurse is due next week so i will raise the questions with her. Thanks for the advice Poppy

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Hi Tom,

Yes, you have to find all the info out for yourselves these days, although your ms nurse may help you, as mine has been very good. So do try that, if you don’t have a ms nurse then a district nurse may help as well. Good luck with it all.

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The MS nurse has not been the greatest of help… constant referrals and little else. Referrals that have since been cancelled or postponed

Thanks anyway Cats

Hi, does Tina have an spc? I do and its great when youre immobile.


Hi Bouds, no she does not have an spc at present

Tom x

Its just another thing Im an expert on!


The main thing is not to be nervous and not make quick decisions; the main thing here is to analyze the situation before choosing something. In such a situation, it is essential to support each other and not break down on your loved one because of constant stress. Believe that your wife needs your patience and support now more than ever since you are the closest person to her and her life support. When transporting, be sure to contact your doctor via, so the doctor will be able to check the status of your wife’s tests at any time and already decide whether you can take her out of the hospital or not

My daughter in Law just had a horrendous experience. Her husband was discharged from hospital last week. He has MS and also terminal cancer so is in a wheelchair and has a tracheotomy and a peg. He had to have the peg replaced today and they made an appointment for this as part of his discharge. Unfortunately my daughter in law did not realise this did not include transport and when she asked the doc how to get there she was told there were no ambulances available and she would have to organise a wheelchair taxi herself. This was last Friday. They spent days trying to get a private ambulance or wheelchair taxi and nothing available. Getting his peg changed is a very serious requirement. At 8 this morning they managed to get a wheelchair taxi and got to the hospital. The taxi said he could only return in 4 hours as v busy but after peg changed, when they rang they were told he couldn’t return today. Tgat taxi driver needs to take a hard look at himself. The two poor souls ended up walking from Belfast hospital to the station and getting a train to where they live where they found they could not get the wheelchair down a slope and had to ring for help. By this stage the peg was bleeding and the poor lad was in tears. Both are in their 30s and noone deserves this. They have basically chucked him out of hospital with little adequate support and expect them to get on with it. At this rate he will e back in hospital because community care is so poor. They want to book transport for the next appointment but don’t know when they will get the letter with the appointment date. Anybody got any suggestions that would help them please?