Hospital tomorrow

Grrrrrr. I hate it!

I’m not even having any tests or investigations, it’s only the annual chat. And my neuro isn’t the Prince of Darkness or anything.

But I’m already stressing, and wishing I’d cancelled. I don’t think I’ve got anything to discuss, and don’t think he will, either, really.

I don’t feel great, but I didn’t expect to. I don’t think there have been any major new developments over the past year.

I’m getting stressed with everything right now. Stressed about the hospital, stressed I seem to be well on the way to losing my job, and even stressed about something which ought to be fantastic news, which is that I have a DATE at the end of the month!

My Greek pen-pal, who knows I have MS, has finally asked to meet me, in London! I should be thrilled, of course. He’s clever, kind, handsome and successful. Only trouble is, I feel old, ill, frumpy, and soon to be on the scrapheap; in short, well out of my league. :frowning:


Hi, you live in the southwest I see, do you see your neurologist at Taunton Musgrove? I know how you feel I see mine every 6months but it just seems a waste of time, he always seems so uninterested, and I too get really worked up about going too don’t know why. On a nicer topic get yourself to London and enjoy as I am sure you will, you are bound to be a bit nervous if this is the first time you have met . Good luck with everything. Karen

Hi Karen,

No, it’s not Musgrove, it’s Frenchay. Absolutely NOT a criticism of my neuro, because I can’t point to anything he’s ever done to make me feel this anxious about it. Maybe I’ve developed a sort of phobia about going to the hospital - which is understandable, really, as it hasn’t been a source of good news over the years. Nobody likes having to go there, I suppose.

The date - yes, you’re right, I suppose it’s normal to be nervous. I did know my penpal when we were both very small, almost 40 years ago. But he emigrated to Greece.

So yes, it will be a bit nerve-wracking to see him again after all this time. But he does know about the MS, as I’ve said, so no awkward moments while I break the news. I’m at least glad I got it out of the way in correspondence, before he ever suggested meeting. Hasn’t put him off, apparently, so that says something for his character! :slight_smile:



I have just moved to near Bath and am going to a new gp tomorrow, I suppose my nearest neuro will be Bath but I have heard good things about Bristol not sure where to be referred to.? I will see what GP recommends. Karen x

Oh Tina - that is soooo exciting! However you feel put on an act and show him your best side - if he is worth your time then he will be looking at the person you are inside and not the body parts which don’t work. Have fun girl xxxx


I have no issues with Frenchay, and know they are heavily involved with research, but to be honest, I’ve had little contact with them.

I was investigated and diagnosed on BUPA, by the same neuro I have now on the NHS. But since then, I’ve only seen him once, for less than two minutes, and was issued with a new appointment for over a year’s time - which is the one that has now rolled round tomorrow.

I don’t feel qualified, on the basis of two minutes’ contact in a whole year, to know whether they’re any good or not. I suppose I’ve been pretty lucky that I haven’t had any incidents that needed intervention, or treatments that needed monitoring. I feel it would have been open to me to initiate contact, if I’d felt there was a problem in-between times, but I’ve not really felt the need. Perhaps, if you have more complex needs or demands, or want to volunteer for research, they come into their own more. But I have found them neither good nor bad, just irrelevant. Two minutes annually doesn’t even justify an opinion, does it?



Thanks Deb,

If he was shallow, he’s already had the opportunity to just stop writing, and certainly needn’t have asked to see me, so that’s all a positive sign.

Additionally, he’s quite religious, and I think his faith strongly discourages judgment by appearances - or any kind of judgment. So I think he’ll be quite open-minded.



Eww Tina!! x I’m so excited for you (not about the neuro appointment lol ) !!

Go with the flow - make a weeked of it if you can - stay somewhere nice - treat yourself to a full on pampering session and new gladrags!!!

Enjoy it all - even the build up & nervousness - he obviously finds you ‘up-to-scratch’!!! xxxxjenxxx

Even if he turns out to not be Mr Right, make sure he buys you a swish dinner and generally shows you a good time! X

Thanks folks - he wants to go to a show!

I’m not saying no, am I? :wink: Not been to one for ages.



Oh, I also mean my penpal, not my neuro, by the way!

I hope my neuro doesn’t want to go to a show - It’d be a bit of a turn-up for the books, but I’d find it awfully embarrassing.



Oh Tina, I hate these annual check ups too, I only see the nurses now, and although they are friendly I find it all a waste of time, at least I am on betaferon so I can see why they are keeping an eye on me but the nurses aren’t going to make any big decisions, that would be up to neuro so I find it a waste of time and, yes, I get very stressed beforehand, more so than the situation justifies, and someone goes with me so I get dropped off at the door so no worries even about a long walk in to the place. I sympathise with you for tomorrow and will be thinking about you. However I am sure it will be fine. Now about that date, well congratulations, now don’t you stress about that, just have a fantastic time, he wants to meet you and that is that, I’m sure you are not frumpy or on the scrap heap and I’m certain he doesn’t see you like that either, good as well that he knows about your ms, it won’t be an issue on the date. Have fun and enjoy! Cheryl:-)

Thanks Tina, and enjoy your date. Karen x

Hi Tina Just wanted to say that I hope you have a good time on your date and that your your Greek pen pal is as likeable in person as he is by letter. Enjoy yourself! Teresa xx

He’d take you to the wrong kind of theatre as well!! Pass the scalpel… xx