Hospital appt. - I never got there!

Following yesterday’s post about the transport problems, I was left with no option but to make my way by public transport.

I carefully checked the bus timetables, and although there is only one service that goes that way, I carefully picked one that should still get me there with time to spare, even if it was a bit late.

Well, it wasn’t late - it just didn’t come at all. Eventually, after standing 30 minutes in the hot sun (there is no seat), getting both stressed and distressed, I texted the bus info number, and found the next one was still 13 minutes away - i.e. no longer any hope of making it to the hospital on time.

Rang the hospital, explained there was no way I could still do it without being at least half an hour late. They suggested they could still see me IF it was “important”, but if it was just a routine follow-up, they suggested they send me a new date.

I couldn’t pretend it was “important”, as I’d never wanted to go in the first place, so I accepted the new date, which I was warned might be “some time away”. So I’m going to have to go through this whole wind-up again, at a date yet to be confirmed.

Now about to pour myself a large drink, which I’m sure is not recommended on top of all the diazepam I’ve already taken, but I’m STILL not calm!

And it just goes to show I’m not getting things out of proportion, when I think I can’t rely on the buses to get me to appointments on time.

In a way I am relieved, as I hadn’t wanted to go anyway, and if the bus company have a driver missing, or a vehicle off the road, then presumably I’d have faced the same problem getting home again. I’m always exhausted after the hospital, and I couldn’t have stood another 45 minutes in baking sun, after already doing it on the way out.

So all over for this time.

Meantime I suppose I’d better see the GP, and see if there’s any help for being “phobic” about the hospital. But I think I can see WHY I’m phobic, when I can’t just go, and everything be alright. It adds greatly to the stress, when you’re not in control of whether you even get there or not. :frowning:



Hi Tina,

Sorry to hear you have been having such a nightmare few days. I can understand where you are coming from, being a non driver myself. I don’t enjoy things being out of my control at all, luckily i have a few family members who can ferry me around to appointments when needed. However my sister-in-law is notoriously late for things, if she is not here bang on the time we agreed I start pacing around the house, cursing her and imagining the worst case scenarios!

I do think you should have a chat to your GP (on the phone perhaps?) to see if they know any schemes that could be more helpful for the next appt? Do tell them how much stress it causes you - it needs to stop.

Enjoy your drink(s)!

Laura x

Hi Tina

So sorry to read of your stress with transport systems. I hope you can get some help with it all at next appointment.

Wendy x

Hi Tina

Sorry to hear that. Anyone would think you lived in the middle of nowhere. We are always being encouraged to use public transport as it’s the environmentally friendly option but sometimes it’s just not viable as your situation has proven.

At least I am lucky in that at least my route to the hospital is on train route although I do have a 30 minute drive to the railway station first and a short bus ride afterwards. However the buses are fairly reliable as Cambridge is a no-go area for cars and there are regular buses to the hospital. The trains only run every hour so I have to rely on them running promptly to get me there and do sometimes have to kill a bit of time before my appointment but I relax with a cup of tea and always take a good book with me in case the appointments are running late.

I still cannot believe you have such a nightmare situation every time you have to go to hospital. Worst of all, you have to go through all this stress again when the new date comes through. There has to be another option for patients in your situation; it’s simply ludicrous! I’m so frustrated on your behalf - words fail me! (You wish ;-))

Tracey x

The whole thing is a blooming farce. Sending ((()))'s. Catherine Xx

Hi Tina

Oh, all that stress for nowt, makes your blood boil doesn’t it.

There has got to be lots in your situation, do you think the gp

would have any more ideas on transport to and from Hospital

appointments for you.

Otherwise could you phone the neuro and leave it that if you

feel you need to see him, that you will get in touch for an appointment.

Hope things calm down for you now.

Pam x

Oh Tina, will this transport problem ever end for you?

I dunno what else to say, but I am frustrated on your behalf.