Horrendous Week!

This week has just been horrific…

I wake up I get to the sofa and I lay down… I bairly move. I’m in constant pain sleeping.

Yesterday I couldn’t even sit up the world was spinning I felt sick and my head felt like it was in a vice.

Today I went to have blood tests came home slept till 2.30 manage to get dressed again hubby drive us to the shops I went in the first shop and nearly passed out i was bent over on the counter. Had a granny, world spinning over heated, head pounding.

I’m lay here now can’t focus on anything just so so tired. fingers numb feet like blocks of ice I have thick wooly socks on and my ugg boots. Crushing pain behind my left ear as if my glasses are pressing into my head.

I think this week has to be the worse! I can totally understand why people end up depressed.

I’m sorry you’ve had such a bad week Mrs C…I hope things start to improve soon. Its horrible when you get days/weeks were you feel like rubbish. Let your husband look after you and take it easy till things start to improve. Don’t be letting yourself get depressed…you don’t want that on top of everything else. I always find chocolate helps me!!