Hi everyone, well I had my first day as a ward clerk yesterday. It was a learning curve of epic proportions! It’s completely different to my old role. I’m on a phased return this week. I’m desperate to do well and impress management. It was great to think about other things rather than the MS that is trying to take over my life in every way. Back on Thursday, again on Monday with my mentor, then Tuesday I’m going alone !! Now that’s scary BUT I’m going to give it my best shot. :slight_smile:

Congratulations - and good luck for going solo!

Hello Vinnygirl, Congratulations I hope you love it. I worked as a ward clerk and enjoyed every minute of it, meeting new people, helping and giving something back. Unfortunately I had to give it up because of MS and how I hated having to do that. I wish you a long and happy time in your new work. Janet x