Hope I can till go

My local MS group on meets once a month on the second Tuesday of the month, which is tonight.

I havent been to one yet and really want to go but am feeling exausted from doing very little this morning

What sorta things go on at MS social gatherings?

Hi Jon, I do hope you can make it to the social. From past experience, the main activity is talking. They may hold a rafffle, followed by more talking. Once you settle in, you may well learn you are not the only newbie there.

Have you sorted out your transport? If you use a taxi, you may be able to get the costs reimbursed.

Ask if they also hold a day time social. I know that I am bushed after tea and don`t want to go out in the evenings. Maybe that would suit you better, eh?

Go along, enjoy yourself and let us know how it goes, yeh?

luv Pollx

Did you go???


Yes I made myselg go because it was only around the corner and thought I would regret not going.

It was quite nice and very calm, just a few ladies with different types of MS sat around my table disscussuing how MS affects them, how long they have been diagnosed and how they are coping with it.

There were other tables with different people doing the same thing.

One of the ladies had been brought there by her daughter and told us funny stories about her grandson.

We played a game of guess the picture from a selection of photos from childrens TV shows, had the chance to enter a raffel, were told about forthcoming events, disscussed who went to DAD what their thoughts were exchanged e-mail address’s for facebook

I am quite glad I went and will go again next month.