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hello folks, as a good and heathy debate sprung up around a certain person dying, another debate could begin over auld Lizzie having to spend all the time and energy on picking over 1100 souls for an honour. Does any sportsperson who excels in their chosen sport for a small time deserve an honour on top of the monies earned from said sport, does the actor or actress deserve it, again making a fortune from their chosen job of employment, is their work in aid of charity any greater than the man/woman in the street-they give more money, but who has the greater percentage from earnings-the only person/s who deserve any recognition is the ordinary person on the street, ie, the Welsh lady who, in all weathers, helped as a lollipop lady for more than 42 years, she like hundreds of the same ilk, go about their everyday work without complaint or trying to get their faces splashed in papers or magazines, the ordinary person in the street deserves the honours more. The nameless men and women of Britain I thank and salute you all, Brian


well said sir brian!

oops i let it slip despite having promised lizzie that iā€™s keep stum,

carole x

Hear, hear Bri!


Well said! I find it abhorrent that luvvies in the world of entertainment and sports stars talented as they may be are doing something they enjoy and are usually handsomely paid for doing it qualify at all. After all they do what they do for themselves, unlike the many unsung heroes who do so much for the benefit of others. They are the ones who deserve the honours. It sort of devalues the awards when they are given to the rich and famous just for being rich and famous

Well said, did I hear right that Joan Collins is a Dame!! please tell me I was hallucinating

Jan x

Oh you heard right Jan.

Panto dame more like.

sorry if I have offended anyone, have had a couple of glasses of fizz. ( hic!)

mags xx