Homelessness & MS

I have a lodger for whom I unofficially care for. Recently I was moving out to a new home with my partner and his brother agreed to take him in. Within a few days his brother had dumped him on my doorstep with no phone call or text. It’s meant I’ve not been able to move house as our local council have said that even though he’s too unwell to go into the local shelter, but unless he’s in the streets he’s not classed as homeless even though because I was in process of moving house. He’s having to sleep on the sofa. I’m at my wits end because I can’t get any support from anyone and having MS seems to be the perfect excuse for people not to help him. He really needs to be in supported living because there’s no way he can cope on his own. He can’t shop, cook, clean etc.
Does anyone have any advice on this?

What an awful situation. I am sorry that you, as the one decent person showing kindness and compassion to the poor man, are left holding the baby because the people whose job or family duty it is cannot be bothered to do what you as a kind friend find yourself doing. And your only obvious way out is to behave as disgracefully as they are doing! Well, bravo you, and at least you can look at yourself in the mirror without blushing in shame, but I really hope that you find a way through quickly that gives your friend what he needs and you the freedom you deserve. I wish I knew what to suggest, I hope that other posters have good ideas for you.