Home renovations - not ms

As part of building an extension to our house (the planning of which has taken up so much of my time over the last few months), over the next few weeks we are going to be knocking down an outside wall, the one that will allow us to access the extension, an internal supporting wall and an internal dividing wall. This work will all take place downstairs. My builder said that there would be a lot of dust and mess and expressed concern about us staying here. I have a husband and two children. He did agree that upstairs would be unaffected for us sleeping and we will still have toilet, wash facilities. My mum and dad have a big enough house that we could stay there for a while but I struggle to walk and the toilet is far away from the living room and there is nothing to hold on to beside it, the shower is awkward too. I’ve rambled on enough, my question is has anyone stayed living in their house while major work took place, I.e. Knocking down walls and was it ok to live in, did you cope with the dust in the atmosphere and was it as bad or not as bad as you thought. I’m getting nervous about it all now. Thanks Cheryl:-)

Yes, been at it since August, moved in July, had kitchen wall removed and steel put up, 3 sets of French doors, all the plaster knocked off the bathroom, another wall knocked down between bedrooms to make one large room etc. etc. Our chap (does all sorts but mainly bathtrooms) was supposed to start plastering (just 2 rooms left) on Thurs but coming Wed…it will all be done soon, only 2 of us here so not too bad, I love seeing my vision being created and been fortunate with builder etc. we had a couple of nights at Premier Inn, can’t manage my mother’s house either (got me out of dried up turkey dinner anyway!) Russ (builder) took the wall down, rather than knocked it down…very subtle difference but less dust!..Roll on Wednesday, then we can get the UF heating done and floor down!.. It will be OK but check Premier Inn or Travelodge, see if you can get a good price for a couple of nights if dust is too much, be plenty of cleaning to do though.

Alison x

Hi Cheryl. I worked in building conversions for many years until I realized I could earn an income without working physically in the cold. Anyway, stone disc cutters will always be the worst dust makers, often unavoidable in the sort of work you mention. If the layout of your home permits it, try to see if your builder could isolate all or part of the room being opened up. I have in the past created a dust break membrane across the whole room with polythene and wood batten. Leaving the rest of the room usable. Your builder will hate me for adding a complication to his move out suggestion :slight_smile: If probably hasn’t suggested it because this scenario isn’t possible. Hope this helps. Paul

Thanks Alison, sounds like you have done a lot of work to your house too, you’ve reassured me a bit, tbh I was getting nervous about everything yesterday, hence why I posted, now that new year is out of the way (well nearly anyway) I think I’ll start to feel a bit better about it all, they are starting on Monday so not long at all now and they said it would take about five weeks. After that we’ll have to decorate and do the finishing touches with carpets, curtains etc but I’m sure I can cope with that! I’m just back from a visit to mum and dads today and I had a look at the things I struggle with about their house. i guess I could probably just put up with it if its just a couple of nights. My mum suggested that we eat tea at her house and come back to out house at bedtime , which might work since our upstairs is unaffected. Tbh, I think I’ll just have to wait unil we get started and see how things go, keep positive, smiling and look ahead to when its finished. Sometimes the thought of things are worse than actually doing them! Hope your plastering goes well. Cheryl:-)

Thanks Paul, my builder said he’d do everything to minimise disruption, he knows I’m keen to stay here because of my walking and the difficulties that poses for me going anywhere else. I have to say that when they built the extension at the back of the house they were very good, the builder said that normally they would pile a load of bricks at the front of the house on the driveway in a situation like this but since I needed access to my driveway they would just collect bricks as they needed them so my driveway was left clear. With this in mind I’m hopeful that they will do whatever is possible to make things as easy for me as they can. Cheryl:-)