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Hi. Mum has bought a Upvc door. It has a high piece to get over and the window sills have no part to grab onto. She will not have a grab rail put up, I dont think there is room for one. I use crutches and struggle to lift my legs. Any suggestions what I can do? Thanks

hubby had to alter the threshold of my access door, which is french doors at the back of the house.

UPVC doors always have high thresholds.

I`m sure a good handyman could sort it for you.


Ditto. My ot suggested I apply for a home adaptation grant to have a ramp built at our back door. She also pointed out that the front door has this high lip /threshold which is a trip hazzard. The builder that came to do the quotes said he can sort out the threshold. Get a couple of builders to take a look and see what they suggest.

Get an occupational therapist to take a look and see if there are any workable solutions.

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Hi, I live in a council house, so have no idea of costings, but when I first moved into this house, I was only using my wheelchair to go outside, a walking frame indoors. The threshold at the front door was ridiculous, I couldn’t get in or out of my own house without help. OT arranged for a new door with a sunken threshold which is much easier. The threshold can be made lower, but your mum may need a different door, get OT to look at it.


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We had a new uPVC door fitted when we recently moved insisted it had no threashold, works well why they’re not all like this is beyond me, one of my best friends has a porch and front doors with large thresholds which have made visiting them impossible , this is in their recently renovated home. I was under the impression that building regulations put access for the disabled as a priority?


have a look here…

tho theres other places do them.