Holiday Insurance

Hi Anyone who will listen :slight_smile:

I’m going on holiday to Canary islands in August…i Know lucky me hehe

Only problem is travel insurance i don’t have any !! Would anybody no please the best thing for me to do??


I usually get mine as soon as I book holiday. I had to lose my money one year due to a relapse as I hadn’t got round to getting cover. I always make sure anyone traveling with me is covered also otherwise they would have to go alone or lose their money.

I’m off to Turkey on Monday for a week the insurance was about £46.00 with cover for my MS.

Jan x

There have been lots of questions and answers already about this:

I’ve hopefully linked to the search results for you, but if it doesn’t work, or you want to search for a different thing, just type the term in the search box. You’ll then see if it’s a common question that already has answers.

MS is not a barrier in in itself to getting travel insurance, but it may be more expensive, depending on medical fees where you’re going, and how stable your disease is. Generally, you’ll be viewed as more of a risk if you’ve relapsed in the last 12 months, or become significantly less mobile or able to care for yourself. Most people still get cover at reasonable cost by shopping around, though.

Don’t be tempted to take ordinary insurance that doesn’t cover MS, just to save a bit of money. You don’t want to find yourself covered for everything except the one health problem you’re worried about.


Our 'Insurance & MS’ booklet has info, tips, links + guidance- you may find it handy :

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