Holiday cottages.

Hello everyone. Next Friday we’re going to a cottage in Wales. It looks really good, being on one floor with a minimal amount of steps. It can be quite tricky tracking down reasonably priced self-catering accomodation suitable for restricted mobility. This is called The Barn near Dolgellau (links tend to be blocked at the moment). We found a brilliant place last year in Donegal and on Orkney the year before but the travel was testing to say the least! Never mind, if this is suitable I’ll post when we come back! The weather has been “ordered” to stay sunny-some hope! Kind regards.

Steve that sounds fab! Well done for tracking it down.

Bon Voyage and have a wonderful time. Look forward to hearing about it.

Pat x


Can I ask about your Orkney trip was in good accomodation, Orkney is on my bucket list, hubby goes there on business and every time I mention it he says the costs are ridiculous, but then he goes by plane

Hello Trish, we stayed at “The Peedie House” (great, name) on Gerraquoy Organic Farm on South Ronaldsay. It was not overly expensive for August, we paid about £290. The cottage has some disabled facilities but there is no chair in the shower-you’d need a portable one. You can also get a wheelchair in there, with a bit of a step or ridge to shuffle over. The location is spectacular. Orkney is really civilised for people like us with lots of well kept public loos! Stromness and Kirkwall are very flat and mostly pedestrianised. The ferry from Gill’s Bay was around £140 and had a stair lift. The drive was long from East Sussex! The holiday itself was memorable. It’s certainly worth looking into. Best wishes, Steve.

thanks Steve

Hi everybody.

Two more accesible holiday places.

“TUDOR LODGES” in cornwall. Been there three times before, going again in July. Plenty of parking. 6 lodges, all custom built. Close to Looe.

“OUR BENCH” Lymington - New Forest. Three purpose built bungalows. Easy parking.

Hope you find this usefull. I know what it’s looking for accesible places.

Have a good holiday Steve.


Hi Steve

Forgot to ask did you get any discount on the ferry?

Hello Trish. No discount I’m afraid, but I did book online. Maybe if I had telephoned it might have made a difference. Both ferry ports, Gill’s Bay an St Margaret Hope were able to ensure I was given the appropriate priorities. All in all a very good job done! All the best, Steve.

contacted disabled drivers they say theat orkney ferries have a discount for blue badgers will check in the morning thanks again

Hi, I have booked a caravan holiday in Filey for September. I found it in a maggie called Able.

The caravan is owned by a paraplegic man, so he knows what we really need. It sounds ideal and has been purpose built, with lots of kit i have at home. 2 carers are going with me, to give hubby a rest.

luv Pollx