holding food in mouth

Hi there,

I was wondering if anyone knows somebody with advanced MS who when eating is holding their food in their mouth. My husband has not got swallowing issues but for the last 2 weeks holds everything in his mouth.

I have had to scoop out everything from his mouth in case he chokes.

He has been in hospital those 3 weeks due to a twisted bowel…now dealt with.

Very stressful time.

Hi lushcaz. Just to say I feel for you. My aunt had advanced MS but I can’t remember or didn’t hear anything about her holding food in her mouth. Have you asked/ contacted your husband’s MS Nurse about it?

Hi there,
My husband’s MS nurse is away at present, but the speech and language team are due to see him.

Not sure this is the same issue, but spotted it on facebook and thought it might be of interest.

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“Literally forgetting how to swallow or is it just me”

Dysphagia In Multiple Sclerosis Patients: Diagnostic And Evaluation Strategies - PMC (nih.gov)