I’m up at this hour as I cannot stop itching and thought if I came on here I could distract myself to break the cycle I’m now sore as well as itchy.

Has anyone had Hives and if so how did you get rid of them. Did you ever find the cause?

ive already taken 3 days of steroids to no avail and doctor has enclosed a further course to start, I’ve had to come off my Ads Nortriptyline whilst I take them, they were for nerve pain and also helped me sleep so now no sleep either. I did get him to send me 3 sleepiness tablets to I could function again I had my first decent nights sleep last night since Monday.

does anyone know how many courses of steroids you can take? And if they don’t work what then?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Ann x

I’ve had hives years ago. It got so bad once when I was working away from home and staying in a hotel that my eyes closed right up. I had to phone the hotel reception to get them to order me a taxi to the hospital. Where they gave me IV steroids which cleared up the hives.

That year I’d had several attacks of hives, usually just very nasty skin rashes. I think it was stress related (an emotional time in my life). The IV steroids cleared up the last attack and they didn’t come back.

In terms of the number of courses of steroids, it depends what dosage. The high dose steroids which we’re given for relapses shouldn’t be taken more than 3 times maximum in one year. This is to prevent osteoporosis in later life. But it depends what dosage of steroids your doctor is giving you for the hives as to how many courses you can take. Some people take low doses for long periods of time.

Hopefully this new dose will clear up the hives for you, if not, ask the doctor for a short term higher dosage (depending on what you’ve been given so far).


Urticaria can be a stress symptom. I’ve had it when depressed. Antihistamine relief was immediate. Scratching the raised weals actually helps because it drags the histamine out to fix it, too.

My first thought when I saw the subject line was “antihistamines”. I’ve had hives once or twice, but they weren’t serious enough for me to go to the doctor. Antihistamines cleared them up nicely.