Hi all

I’m having a relapse and have just finished a 3 day course of Methylprednisolone and feel no difference at all. The only thing that stopped was the excessive itching, but now my skin is back to being itchy again. I don’t take any other medication.

Ms nurse is not returning my calls, my gp is not really good with ms so don’t know what to do. I have pregablin and amitriptyline in the house which i don’t take, do you think it what help if i did?

I’m really frustrated with the itchy skin and not being able to feel my hands or feet and not being able to walk without staggering. Any advice gratefully received xx


I suspect neither of the drugs you mention would have an immediate affect and ideally should be prescribed.

I had steroids x2 when first diagnosed-never again-made no difference whatsoever.

Re itching I use a towel that has been in freezer on the area. Or perhaps cool it with water-tho I havent tried that.

I was bleeding with scratching and bruised with thumping trying to get relief-the towel worked for mr-hope you find something that suits you soon.

Ellie x

That should say ‘me’ and not ‘mr’!

You should give the 'roids some time to soak in.You ‘should’ feel some kind of effect in 2-3 weeks perhaps…The effects can be virtually imperceptable and you make think other things are to blame. You could try PIRITON for the Itchy+Scratchy.Have you tried GABAPENTIN?

Good luck, Wb

I’ve tried gabapentin but i took a reaction to it.

I’ve was given pregablin and amitriptyline to help with pain but i felt the pain was bearable enough to manage without drugs. Think i’m just feeling sorry for myself. The last time i was given steroids my gp gave me something totally different and they worked straight away the only problem was i ended up with tonsillitis when i finished them, but that was a small price to pay. Will see how i go cos this has been ongoing on 7 weeks now and getting fed up. Thanks for your comments



I can only echo the advice, that steroids do usually take a bit to kick in. I am in a relapse too at the moment, and yesterday I finished the fifth day of my 100mg course of Methylpredrisolone. To be honest I don’t really notice anything positive yet. My legs feel like cooked spaghetti, and I feel as drunk as a skunk, but so far with this relapse - it is still very much here. We just have to wait for things to get around to getting back to normal.

Take care, and don’t worry too much,