Morning Everyone

Just wondered if anyone else suffered from hives skin rash and what are the best remedies? I first had an attack last summer after being in the sun all day. I had numerous allergy tests done and all cam back negative. I was on a trial drug at the time (will I think it was the actual drug). Another guy on the same trial came down with skin problems too, much more severe than mine, November he ended up in hospital on steriods and is still taking them as the skin problems are reducing but not yet clear.

I have now come out in another outbreak, this happened at a similar time to the cold weather and also a cold and sore throat.

I wondered if it was another autoimmune condition like Lupus but I have been tested several times and this is all negative.

My own GP feels that it could be done to an allergy to a drug or simply a virus. My neurologist says my immune system is on chaos at the moment, probably because of the trial drug an does not know what is good or what is an invader and attacks.

Is hives a common condition along with MS? or is it common with DMD’s?

Appreciate any comments



My GP recommends cetirizine, which you can get over the counter at the pharmacy, and which is cheaper than the branded drugs it goes into. It worked for me. Hives are not funny, although other people think they are!



Hi Helen.

l hope you are getting on top of the rash my husband has had it for 18 months no one can pinpoint the couse of it hes had lots of tests but the steriods are the only thing that allways clear it up till the next time he puts weight on with them too, he takes cetirizine daily that keeps it a bay. the last attack lasted about 3 weeks. he dose drink tonic water as Quinine is good for rashes and try to keep out of the heat.

Regards Jan