Hip replacement and MS

Hi, I’m a 54 female and totally new to this forum, I was diagnosed with MS 19 years ago and for the first 15 years or so was extremely lucky. I was able to ignore my MS and carry on with my life - I suffered no relapses and never sought any medical advice, my mobility deteriorated but I used to put this down to getting older. I was able to work full time as a Systems Analyst and never told anyone about my MS, I retired ealy at 51 and thats when my MS started to really affect me more. I reached out for support and in late 2020 discovered I needed a hip replacement - my mobility issues were not just due to my MS. I had the hip replacement in April 2021 on my good hip and am now still struggling to recover from this. Has anyone else had a hip replacement and can offer advice? I’m struggling to keep going some days

No hip replacement here but recent infections - of something I’ve had before - took ages to clear up. Much longer than in the past. With MS we have a weakened immune system which means that healing/ recovery time is much extended - whatever it is.

thanks for your reply, think I went blindly into my op, the anaesthetist did warn me of possible relapses on the morning of my op but foolishly thought I’d be ok as never had 1 before. Now 18 months after I’m pain free in my hip but my ms has kicked in so badly I can’t regain any strength in my hip. Some days I’m not sure what to blame for how i am now.