High intensity c5 c6

Hi, I may need to correct this once I see the report myself (tomoro morning). But based on what I remember of my MRI it appears my brain is clear, no probs with optic nerves (which is strange since ON sent me on the MRI path). The spine mri itself was blurred - apparently I may have moved, but there were lesions in the cervical spine at C5 C6. I think the doctor said anterior. Any ideas what this means? Guess I need to wait, but scared at moment, had ON Dxed clinically in December, and then this found during May MRI. Does this constitute dissemination in time and space? Have horrid feeling this may constitute “we have found something but not sure what it means to stay in Limbo for a load more time”. Been so upset had a very very unusual cry on DH, after the call from GP. Followed by 3 glasses of wine (which I may regret at work tomoro, and may render this post unintelligible!) Leah :slight_smile:

Ps meant what I remember of my phone call withGP re MRI.

Hi all, just an update and bump… HAve the report in my hand it says: mri spine whole with contrast. Images are degraded by patient motion. There are possibly a few areas of t2 hyperintense signal change in the posterior cervical spinal cord at c5 and C6 levels. No areas of abnormal signal enhancement within the spinal cord. As i said before the brain one is normal by the looks of things. I’d really love some help on this - my GP wasn’t willing/able to comment, so am really worrying. Thanks Leah :slight_smile: