Does anyone else get hiccups with MS? Since I developed a few speech problems and occasional difficulty moving my tongue, Ive found that when I swallow the first few mouthfuls of a meal that I get terrible hiccups. After meals I get attacks of hiccups and bile comes up (TMI sorry)

Hate to attribute everything to MS but its just something new and weird since last week! MS seems to be throwing me quite a few new symptoms this year :frowning:

Hello madcatlady, Hiccups is a form of spasm, I often get them when you’d least expect them. HTH




Baclofen (common firstline anti-spasticity treatment for MS) is also sometimes prescribed for hiccups!

So yes, I agree with Janet it’s a type of spasm - just one that non-MSers can happen to get too. Same treatment works for both.


Hi thanks - I did wonder about that. I am on a low dose Baclofen which has just been increased to counteract the spasms in my neck and shoulders. Hopefully once the increased dose has kicked in it might help. Discovering so many things i hadn’t considered about MS with this relapse. Only ever had vision/ leg symptoms before. Struggling now with speech/swallowing/bladder/bowels = no fun but reassuring to hear from other people

Big thank you’s

Hi MCL I have problems with swallowing and was referred to a speech therapist, who also deals with swallowing issues. She was brilliant and gave me some fab tips. More importantly they can see and hear things that my neuro, nurse and GP couldn’t detect…because they’re not trained to. Might be worth asking your GO for a referral ? I don’t get hiccups so much but sometimes food and drink gets to the first bit of my throat and then shoots back up like a child projectile hurling…it gets very interesting when someone sits opposite you…I recently had to profusely apologise to a friend after a mouthful of coke made a swift reappearance, narrowly missing her !! Luckily, she knows and laughed about it and shrugged it off. Literally !! Xx