Hi to All.

Hi to all

I am having servre bladder problems pain when weeing urency freequecy
I have an indwelling catheter and last week had 2 bags of blood after having new catheter put in at hospital i was given oromorph at hosp but its still not helping when i have a wee just taken new urine sample into docs spoke to district nurse she said shes writing to the Gp for me.

I am also waiting for a Colostomy Operation.
I am Pouring with Sweat Just righting this.
Anyone else Like this.


Hey Dolphin_628, sorry to hear you’re dealing with all that pain and discomfort. Having bladder problems and an indwelling catheter can be really tough. And on top of that, you’re waiting for a Colostomy Operation - that’s a lot to handle.

I hope the new urine sample and the district nurse’s referral to your GP will help figure out what’s going on and get you some relief soon. In the meantime, try to take it easy and don’t push yourself too hard. You’re not alone in this, and there are people who care about what you’re going through.