hi need advice

hi haven,t been on here for a while i haven,t had a dx yet had 2 mri on brain never had one on spine and have never had lp both mri came back clear. Ive had something new happen to me this week i keep getting a blue flash of light in my right eye my right side is where all the numbness began and tremors and spasms but as time as gone by i get it on both sides now but my right side is still worse im getting a bit worried about this flash of light in my eye not sure what to do about it any advice

Best thing to do when its eyes is to see an optician and/or an ophthalmologist. (Your GP can refer you to an ophthalmologist; so can an optician.) Lights can be caused by migraine as well as changes to the eye itself or the optic nerve so it’s best to cover all the options and to do it quickly - eyes are precious and while many eye conditions can threaten vision, many of these are treatable if caught early. If there is something neurological going on then your GP should refer you back to neurology. Not sure why you didn’t have a spinal MRI last time, but perhaps this time the neuro will do the full range of tests. Good luck. Karen x


its always a good idea to get your eyes checked out just to be sure they’re ok.

it may be another missing piece of the jigsaw towards the puzzle that is the eventual diagnosis.

my problems have also spread to both sides of my body now whereas they only started on my left side.

i would also let your gp know about it so that its recorded on your file, i dont know how much opticians and gps share info but i would think that if the optician finds nothing wrong then your gp wouldnt be notified so personally i would go to gp too.

let us know how you get on.

love mandy xxx

hi thanks for your advice i will go to the doctors let him know whats happening like you said mandy it might be another piece of the jigsaw thats missing if i do get sent back to the neuro im hoping he will do the full range of tests ill let you know how i get on x

New to this as diagnosed monday with MS. Multipe lesions in brain on MRI, neck not scanned. Have had left facial numbness ,heaviness down left arm and leg. Miigraine for years and on beta -blockers for years. Had a similar episode 20years ago but inconclusive diagnosis. Have awful cervical neck pain at times which increased symptoms of the above but neurologist says not connected. Awaiting lumbar puncture, but no treatment yet. as 1st relaspe!!! Is this normal?? confused!! BP goes up when cervical neck pain and feel rough. Any advise from anyone would be gratefully received.

hi and welcome.

it sounds like you are having a bad time at the moment but you’re in the right place for help and support but you will get more replies if you post this as a new topic on the forum.

if you click on the new post at the top of the page and maybe you could just copy what you’ve already written. there is usually someone who can advise you with regards to medications etc.

best wishes

mandy xxx