I have never lnown a site so hard to get around . I have just found out I have PPMS i look here for help and I have to pee about trying to put a post on . God don’t you think I have enougth to contend with . so yes my head is up my backside an all am looking for is HELP to deal with this

Hi Phill and welcome to the site, once you figured it out. It’ll be easy next time. Have you been waiting long for a diagnosis? And have you had time to digest the news or is all that still just adding to the stress? It is very hard in the beginning. I don’t know if you’ve been reading previous posts but if you have I hope you’ve realised that the people here are very supportive and have experience very few doctors or nurses can provide.

If there’s anything we can help you with will you let us know please? If you’ve only just got the news it will be normal to be in a difficult place mentally. You’ve at least taken the first step by posting, even though it wasn’t the easiest thing to do.

Take care and don’t sit worrying on your own, we’ll help if we can.

Cath xx

Hi Phill.

What Cath says is true. There are members on this site who can give great and supportive advice. I know I’d be lost without them so if there’s any help that can be given, don’t be afraid to ask.

Hi Phil, Sorry you have had such a hard time getting on to the site …I believe it’s got something to do with spam messages…the moderators are now checking when new people post. It must be very hard for you having just been diagnosed…we do understand. We have all been in that position…some recently and some many years ago. As Cath and Mr G have said we are all happy to help and support you whenever you need it, there are some incredibly kind and caring people on this forum. It really does help to talk to people that are in similar situations. Take care, Nina x

Hi Phill and welcome to the gang! Yes Agee this site is hell to find your way around. There’s one section where they have blogs but I can never find it and I’ve been on here for 5 years! But now you have found us save us in favourites because this is the best place to be for PPMSers. We are pretty much the experts on here and could teach the neuros a thing or two. So come back and tell us more… and ask questions. Absolutely nothing is taboo on here! Take care and see you again soon, Pat x

For Pat - blogs can be found by clicking on ‘Support’ at the top of this page and then selecting ‘Community Blogs’ from the bottom of the list that will appear on the left of the screen. I didn’t know this existed until you mentioned it so I went to look for it…

Thanks Tay! I once suggested they should put a link on the forum… But never happened. I think a lot of people on here don’t know about them. Pat x

Hi Phill

Just wanted to say welcome to our gang, and agree the site can be difficult.

Thanks Pat and Tay…I didnt even know there were blogs!

Pqm x

Thanks Tay and Pat, I too have never found them…but I have now! Best wishes, Nina

Hi & welcome

I did come across the blogs one day but couldn’t see how to write one

Sonia x

the site is bad but I like to think we users make up for it . Welcome to the board we dont bite most of us dont even have teeth as for asking stuff we have alll been there and most keep the tee shirt somewhere so if you need to ask ask away. Just dont ask where the blog section is I have been here years and never knew about them.

I am new to the site too … . not explored it in its entirety as its massive !!! Hoping thats a good thing as I will find everything I need to know - heres hoping !!!