Help with pest control?

Is there any help for people with disabilities who have caught bedbugs?

Sorry to be so abrupt, I’ve checked my local council and they’re pricing is for two rooms £240 plus a further £120 for any additional treatments. Plus £83.83 hourly rate. My suspicion is that almost everybody will need at least two treatments using the most basic insecticide.

I’ve been reading about fumigation heat treatments that seem much more effective but these are considerably more expensive as they desiccate even the best hidden bugs, this treatment requires the residents to vacate their home for 12 hours or more and I’m not sure i can do this I’m also not sure if this is suitable for my tower block flat? If i knew I could get help with the cost I’d try to find a way to vacate the flat after first finding out if this is appropriate for my home, I prepared to use another method if I have to but whichever method I use it’s going to be very expensive without any help financially with the costs.