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Any advice or ideas welcome - housing related

I’m throwing my situation out there to people who can imagine the difficulty.
The last few years have been hell and I have been back to back with health issues. I was ‘stuck’ in my old, private apartment for a few years due to health but finally moved late 2020.
You may have read somewhere, or heard yourself that the council have failed to update older properties with sufficient insulation.
I had what would be described as a nervous breakdown after moving in and have had to drag myself together and fight to try to help the situation.
I’m on new blood pressure meds which have causes all sorts for me, I cannot access any mental health via NHS, my tremor is permanent now. I have to sleep with earphones in with tv blaring to drown out the noise etc etc - it’s not minor noise, it’s the most excruciatingly difficult environment I’ve ever known.
Leeds city council have treated me appallingly, in a nutshell, nobody has investigated/visited despite neighbours confirming it’s a very long term issue. They basically told me to move into private.
Every day of my life is very much lived in edge, I’m not well enough to move hence why I’ve been stuck for a year.
I’m not looking for sympathy or anything, maybe some understanding and possible some advice as to what I can or should do.
I’ve contacted advocates, councillors, local support services etc etc and it’s all been painstaking for me yet nothing is acknowledged.
I had to appeal to the council to give me priority to move with the council, which I won somewhat, however this process takes well over a year in my area and they can drop the priority etc. I’ve even registered with home swaps but I doubt anyone with hearing could live happily here and I’ve obviously had to announce the issue as it’d be so wrong to trick another person!
I’m ever so sensitive now with noise, it’s just so hard to live with. Even the small stuff sends my heart rate up. I’m trapped in as I don’t drive or have any family and moved quite rurally to find some peace and build some recovery.
I’m 36 with multiple health issues and they moved a 21 year old above me, there’s no sense of responsibility to disabled people whatsoever. I’m trying to study with the open university so that I can navigate my patient experience better (and also support others who are alone to do the same) but imagine trying to study.
I dread to think how others not so resilient as me would do.
Fortunately I’m no longer suicidal but that’s because I had to start severely repressing it and tbh, that’s probably what made me run into disease in the first place.
I looked into soundproofing, although it’s a structural issue, very strange the noise echoes between the flats, I can hear everything from bed creaks to kids running around. I’m wondering whether to buy the place and fund soundproofing somehow. It’s truly been torturous and my body can’t handle much more.
My mind is constantly trying to think of what to do, I’ve lost so much money on flooring and blinds, I’m absolutely in debt and in no position to move. I can save, sure but when your days are literally ‘take each day as it comes’ because things are so unstable, it’s genuinely too much for me to handle.
I recently wrote to the ombudsman to essentially make them aware and they have no process to complain and warn other prospective tenants.
They are building 100’s of new houses close by and it just makes me sick.
I thought about privately fundraising so I could pay for the soundproofing myself and could avoid the moving process, especially as there’s good aspects to this location eg buses very close by. It’s difficult with no help or no car, I went through this to move here and it’s taken a long time to recover.
I just don’t know what else I can do, I feel very very helpless and it’s widened my perspective of how little some sections in society are supported.
Imagine not being able to sleep when you can can barely sleep.
The migraines, the back pain, the depression, it’s just rotten.
If you read this far, I would love to make you a cuppa tea!
Any words of wisdom appreciated :slight_smile: