Help with MRI please

Hi everyone,

Sorry to post again.

I ordered my MRI and radiology report, just to see what it said. They have taken the normal load of images and screen shot the problem areas. There are two screen shots of a white round spot 1cm on my occipital lobe, and one right on the top centre of my brain. But no mention on these in the radiology report at all. Just normal parenchyma, normal structure, normal ventricles.

Only note that the cerebellar tonsils lie in the foramen magnum but have a rounded appearance, so normal, not chiari malformation.

Does anyone know why they wouldn’t address the spots? At all. I have unexplained eye symptoms, so a spot on my occipital lobe would make sense. But none of the doctors seem to care in the slightest.

Anyone out there with advice would be much appreciated.

Thanks. Kate.