Chiari Malformation

Hi everyone

Has anyone ever heard of a Chiari Malformation. I think it is a malformation of the lower end of the cerebellum.

What I really want to know is if this would automatically be looked for if someone was referred for a brain MRI due to balance problems and other neurological symptoms?

I believe, if it is small, it can be quite hard to spot, so am wondering if it is feasible to assume it could be missed if it is not being specifically looked for??

Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you xx


Yes, I have heard of it - very occasionally it has been the outcome for limbolanders here. However, I am not sure you are right it would be “hard to spot”.

Here’s what the NHS has to say about it:

That article says it is sometimes discovered only by chance, so obviously NOT when people were specifically looking for it. I personally believe this would be found, if you had it. If someone is referred with neurological symptoms, they will look for any abnormal feature that could be causing them - they won’t presuppose they are only looking for MS lesions.


purpledots been goooooogling stop it

I agree with Anitra, I’m no expert, don’t get me wrong, but I’m sure that that would be quite obvious and picked up on straight away it think. After reading a post a while back on how MRI scanners work, they’re pretty darn good. I think the occasions things are missed a few and far between. Xxx

Thanks guys, for your voices of reason!

Anon - yes, Purpledot has been googling and needs to stop, but Purpledot’s GP and Neuro are so obstructive and uncaring that Purpledot has resorted to trying to self-diagnose, but has only managed to become even more frustrated!!

Purpledot is going to do her best to stop trying to self-diagnose and instead to concentrate on living as full a life as possible!!