Help what's going on!

Hi, I am not diagnosed with MS but have a vast array of symptoms which I would like to get some advice about. I am currently diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy, although systems have progressed and affecting different areas for which the GP and pain clinic specialist have no indication why they are so. Let me start with saying I am a wheelchair user, I have one leg, which was amputated in 1989. It’s a very long story, but I don’t have diabetes but at that time had severe mental health issues which led to self harm and eventually led to the loss of a limb. I have not been in a wheelchair all that time, just for the last 4 years, this is because holding myself up and mobilising with the artificial limb became increasingly difficult to the point of impossible, it was felt that it would be safer for me to no use the limb any longer. Over the past several years I have many symptoms some of which seems bizarre, I will list only the main ones otherwise I’ll be typing for ages and boring you all. Main problems, pain and increased sensitivity in remaining leg. Numb sensation in that same leg, plus terrible muscle cramps. My foot and leg are generally cold, swollen and discoloured (I have been checked for vascular and venous issues as the leg looks like it could be either of those, but it clearly isn’t) With the coldness, one bizarre symptom is that when I’m in bed with leg under cover, two hours later my foot is colder than when I got into bed… I often get an electric shock feeling down my leg and sometimes it feels like it is vibrating. Other symptoms include chronic headaches, pain in my arms and hands, plus numbness and tingling. I have abdominal pain that moves around and find it extremely difficult to sleep, therefore suffer with chronic fatigue. I have constant itchy skins which is often all over but not all at once, itchy head and eyebrows are major of late. I can be forgetful, but I put that down to tiredness, I can get stressed but not to the point I cannot cope, I have a fantastic network of friends and a wonderful family. I do live alone and love living in my current home where I have lived for over 13 years. I am on the following medication. Gabapentin 900mg three times a day Baclofen 10mg as required Tramadol as required Ramapril 10 mg at night (for high blood pressure) espoerazole at night (for a id reflux) My GP has done many blood test which come back without giving any clues, although I am currently anaemic. I don’t think I have MS but I would be interested in hearing others opinions on some of those symptoms are as I seem stuck in a place where nobody knows and nobody wants the responsibility. Thanks for reading. loopy loo

Have you been checked for any vitamin deficiencies? I’m not sure of anything else, sorry I can’t be any further help

Thanks Rufus, I have had lots of blood works but nothing significant evident.