Help us raise awareness & keep MS in the media

Help us to raise awareness of MS in the media.

Complete our 5 min, anonymous survey. This will give us the statistics which we can use for news stories and campaigning.

You help and support is much appreciated

Stewart (admin)


Jan x

All done, fluffyollie



I’ve done it too. Pretty easy. Question about do people think you have MS by looking at you needs a ‘depends.’ If I was in my wheels or hobbling around my house, then yes. Just sitting there, would be no.


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Thanks everyone! Can’t tell you how helpful that is…

Stewart (admin)

And me.

Did it the other night. Quick to do.

However, one question asked if you’d googled MS. Some of us had symptoms and diagnosis pre google.

Think the question should have asked if we’d researched MS in any way.

I self diagnosed after going to the library and looking in books in 1997.


Done mine too x

did it.

Once again. Thanks everyone- and feel free to share it with any people with MS who may not be on here.

Stewart (admin)