Hi All,

I was trying to post there a few minutes ago but i can not see it up anywhere but i try this time again and see does it show up.


Anyway any advice would be appreciated please.

Have symptom neurological symptoms 13 years told in feb 2010 that it was ms ( mild) and with good prognosis.This was by a physician consultant and diagnoised by him just seeing my symptoms. Mri's clear other than a small dot in partical lobe and cyst on my spine.

I am out of work sine November 2011 went to neurologist again and he said migraine. Mg gp thinks i ahve  sub acute ms and she has put me on steriods and i have been on amiptyrpaline fo rlast couple of years. Gp said I might not ever get an offical diagnosis as it too mild. Now my adhesions are back and effecting my breathing again. I don't know why i get them but i there part of my symptoms.

I try my best to work and cope with symptoms on a daily basis sometime i just get so fed up of it all!!!


Thanks in advance and i am sorry to annoy anyone just where do i go and what do i do and i no there is no cure just need a lttle help at present.




Hi,Dee. I don't 'fully' understand your message but I thought that I'd put a few words together. My name is Marcus and I live in Fife in Scotland. I have had MS for around 13 years and your message 'reminded' me of how I felt when I was first 'diagnosed' - I felt confused and worried and also I didn't believe that 'they' had got it right. I'm 55 now and there had NOT been any MS in any of my relations. I'm married to an Optometrist and have a young daughter of 8 yrs old. I remember that I was 'in denial' when I was first told but since then (about 13 years ago) I have 'slowly' got used to it.


I don't work and get Disability Living Allowance (or DLA) as it is known. I'm not trying to 'befriend' you but you're short story 'reminded' me of myself when I was first diagnosed - I didn't reallly know what MS was!


Hi Marcus Thanks you for them kin words. And thanks for reading my post. I am on this site t he whole time but rarely post .


 I am just fed up waiting for a diagnosis from a neurologist and after 13 year of sympton I just think its all in my head now.





after my diagnosis in july2010 i was in denial and was constinly thinking that the neuro had got it wrong, but then in oct i had a relapse and ended up back in hospital as i lose mobility now i am slowly coming to terms with having ms and not being able to work because of the fatigue.before i had the relapse i had a brain mri that showed the leisions getting better but them wham the relapse and it is all my spine now