Help please

Have slowly & successfully moved to new flat. Six weeks of packing and unpacking, the locals up & down the town thought I was a man with a van on my beloved scooter.

Only problem, now on third floor, lift - so no problem for me but scooter does not fit in it. So in the garage - no electricity. So have been dangling a 100 foot extension cable out of my window to re-charge my precious Ferrari, but it really is fraught with problems. I have to lean out of the window 3 - 4 feet and slowly lower the cable, in order not to molest the neighbours windows below. If it starts to rain, quickly do it all in reverse, as the cable & socket are only domestic.

Does anyone know where I can source a mobile charger which I can plug into to my charger in the garage. The Grange used to do one, weighed less than 5 kilos, so could manage to take that up in the lift to recharge. However they no longer sell this item, have tried Halfords, most of the major scooter suppliers, but cannot track one down - Any ideas guys & girls please.

Thanks and the best of everything to all - Mary

Mmm, problem indeed! How long have you had the scooter? What about exchanging it for a smaller one. I take it you are walking into the lift and your flat at the mo?

Dont want to be a wet blanket, but in the longterm, will you need a scooter to take you right into your flat?

The way you are charging the scooter now cant continue, as it is so unsafe for you.

Such a shame after all the effort of moving eh?

Hope a solution can be found for you hun.



is a solar panel charger the solution.

could a small charger attached to the garage roof and cabled in be enough to charge a scooter ?

beats hanging out of a window with a domestic cable.

take care


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I don’t know if the following thoughts could be helpful as, to be honest, I am not completely aware of your personal position so if it is useless please forgive me

I take it that the battery/batteries on the scooter can be removed to be charged.

Are you able to remove them from the scooter yourself? (I am NOT talking about carrying them, just taking them off the scooter.)

How do you get from your garage to the door of the flats and to the lift? Do you need more than 1 stick to get there? (ie do you need a walker or a wheelchair to transfer?)

What I was thinking could be a solution is having a small trolley (the type of thing they sell in B+Q or Wickes like this or even a large shopping trolley like this ( could do (although the genuine “Sholley” make are expensive.)

So. Ferrari in the garage. Battery on the trolley. Trolley pull/push to the lift. Trolley to your flat. Battery charged. After the charged battery is returned to the scooter, Trolley stays in the garage until next recharge. Case solved

Of course, it does depend a lot on your strength and mobility but it would seem a quicker and cheaper solution to have an electrical supply put to the garage and definitely a LOT, LOT safer than dangling inside rated wires out of the window. (Less likely to **** off your new neighbours too if I am honest.)

Thanks for helpful suggestions.

My scooter is 3" too long for lift. I have a new one arriving this week, same length but more powerful, as I spend about 5-6 hours a week going to physio & gym classes, plus trips to MS centre & shopping. I only walk about 20 metres max with a stick, so cannot get to the bus stops, and am not able to lift more than about 4 kilos. Can’t even get the base off my scooter to get to the batteries.

My garage is only about 10 metres from the back door and lift, which takes me to my front door. I have a friend who has a small battery charger which weighs only 3.5 kilos which she recharges in her flat, takes it down to garage then plugs her scooter charger into it.

I have been in touch with Draper’s and they suggest I take a photo of this charger, and look for a model number. So think that may provide a solution.



Why didnt you get a shorter scooter? I used to have a sovereign shoprider scooter…a great medium sized one that did fit into several lifts? Too late to change your mind?. Pease do think carefully hun.


Thanks Poll

That’s what I have now - but am replacing it with an 8MPH that goes 34 miles on one charge. The new one is the same length.

The gym I go to is 4 miles away, usually try twice a week, rain or shine.

The adminstrator in the block is asking the committee if I can use the community socket, inside the back, groundfloor entrance. So less inconvenience to my poor neighbours below, and a lot simpler for me. Several of the tenants have requested that they provide a store facility with power on the ground floor - so perhaps my need will help some others who could benefit too.

Take care sunshine