Help please



Hi Iam 26 year old from the age of 20 I have suffered from unexplained pain and fatigue, in 2017 I had a spinal fusion of L5 \s1 always had extremely painful areas in my back . In June this year I woke up one morning to have excruciating pain all down my left arm and in my neck I was admitted to hospital where I had various scans etc . They ruled out and bone damage etc . The doctors have diagnosed me with what they thought was parsonage Turner syndrome ( biracial neuritis ) its a Attacks in your nerves but it’s only supposed to be short term I have now left hospital . I had nerve studies done in hospital and as the doctor read the report back to me he mentioned that the report said ( some symptoms presented its self as Ms ) !!! Since my arm pain started 6 weeks ago , I have lost all feeling in upper shoulder , I can’t write , can’t sleep , can’t bitter toast , Iam totally useless with my arm now . I feel confused like I don’t know where I am sometimes My body is just in pain some times if I bang my skin it hurts so bad And my balance I feel like I can’t walk in a straight line And the bit what has made me scared it the shacking of my head and arm Iam also very stressed and anxious And constipation is very unpleasant Iam going to go and see my doctors I want to know some answers and maybe what people think . My hospital treat me very poorly and I left with somebody telling me that there was nothing they could do for me . But the doctor said the word ( MS ) Thank you and any comments would be great

Hi Joe

That sounds like some very poor doctoring. Fancy putting those two little letters hidden in a report without having discussed them with you!

It sounds to me like you need an MRI of your brain and spine.

It doesn’t sound as though the doctor really thought it was MS, but now that box has been opened, you can’t stuff the idea back in there and hope it’ll go away.

Do you have a follow up appointment due with a neurologist? If so, you should probably take someone with you, for moral support as well as to ask as a spare memory, both to remind you what you intended to say, and to remember what is said by the doctor. If you don’t have an appointment scheduled, then ask your GP to refer you, if possible an expedited appointment so you’re not waiting and worrying for months. If the neurologist doesn’t suggest it, ask for an MRI.

Best of luck.


I would suggest that you go back to your GP and ask for a further referral. MS has been mentioned and while it probably is not MS, you do need advice on this possibility and all of your other symptoms. Of course, being stressed will not help. I would suggest that your prepare your questions in advance and write them down to make sure you don’t forget. As has already been stated, If at all possible, take someone else along with you for moral support, plus they can make notes too.