Help please

Hi, I’ve posted this in another forum but was advised I might get more joy on this site, so here goes:

Hi all,

I haven’t been on this sight for some time as I felt like I didn’t belong as I’d been told what I was suffering was not MS. Then I went to see a Professor and he said that he wanted to carry out further testing and that I could still be MS.

So thats what brings me back, after suffering 6 months of pain and significant weakness in my legs, which has led me to almost a prisoner in my own home I finally had more tests. I received a letter from the hospital today with some of them on in which I will list below. I sure what they all mean is that everything is normal (not what I wanted to hear, sick I know but I need a name and some treatment), but if anyone out there can help me with a laymans translation I would greatly appriciate it.

I’m feeling very at the moment knowing there is something wrong with me and nobody being able to say what. I’ve suffered for 3 years now and all the consultants can say is “You don’t fall neatly into any box, so we may never know whats wrong with you”.

Work have been great up until now but how do I explain all the time off I need (I’m a police officer), without and real evidence from anyone but myself.

** MRI normal intracranial ajppearances, lumbar puncture showed protein of 0.48, a glucose of 3.7 (paired serum 5.5), white cell count of 1, negative oligocianal bands in both serum and CSF and no evidence of atypical cells of cytology.

I’m still waiting on the EMG and VEPs.

Can anyone help me with the results or advice please.

Thanks in advance