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Hi, I have been advised to post my query on here as you have lots of people who are intelligent, so here goes:

I had the results of my Lumbar Puncture today but I can’t understand it,

It showed a protein of 0.48, a glucose of 3.7 (jpaired serum 5.5), white cell count of 1, negative oligocional bands in both serum and CSF and no evidence of atypical cells on cytology.

Does anyone have any idea what it means please? I believe its normal but not sure.

Thanks for you help


Hi, I cant explain the results for you…BUT …we have in our midst a fab lady by the username of Rizzo…Karen is her first name.

Im sure shell see your post and provide you with some helpful advice.

Perhaps a negative for oligoclonal bands means not MS. I had 2 LPs and they were both negative.

luv Pollx

Hi Rainy, I think Poll is right, no oligoclonal bands means that the immune system has not been at work in your central nervous system… which means you are not showing signs of MS.

Very occasionally people will get a ‘possible MS’ or ‘probable MS’ or even a definite MS, when they get a negative LP but everything else points to MS & the neuro can find no other cause.

So not being an expert (which I’m not) it’s impossible to say what neuro will say… but usually it will mean that, for now anyway, you will not get a dx of MS.

However, bear in mind what I said, I’m not an expert.

Pat x

Negative oligoclonal bands indicates no immediate indication of MS in your CSF.

Normal values typically range as follows:

  • Pressure: 70 - 180 mm H20
  • Appearance: clear, colourless
  • CSF Total Protein: 15 - 60 mg/100 mL
  • Gamma globulin: 3 - 12% of the total protein
  • CSF Glucose: 50 - 80 mg/100 mL (or greater than 2/3 of blood sugar level)
  • CSF Cell Count: 0 - 5 white blood cells (all mononuclear), and no red blood cells
  • Chloride: 110 - 125 mEq/L

The examples above show the common measurements for results for these tests. Some laboratories use different measurements or may test different specimens.

Note: Normal value ranges may vary slightly among different laboratories. Talk to your doctor about the meaning of your specific test results.

All Poll has said, Karen is your best bet for accurate reading as well as speaking to the doctor who ordered the lumbar puncture.

Yes Pat is right. Your LP is negative. My neuro wont DX MS as mine was negative too.

Moyna x

Thank you all for your updates I really appreciate all the posts.


Yes Pat is right. Your LP is negative. My neuro wont DX MS as mine was negative too.

Moyna x

i was dx even though my lp was negative.

i think they have a criteria and the lp is just a part of it.

Agree with mickthetrick. My lp was neg but still dx PPMS. Don’t understand and never been explained to me, quite confused tbh!! Was refused a trial for Ocrilizumab(sp?) because of it though.